Some Background

Dementia is an umbrella term, it is not a consequence of growing old, although the likelihood does increase with age.

The term dementia describes a loss of mental ability (cognitive impairment) associated with the death of parts of the brain, the symptoms experienced by somebody with dementia will depend on the parts of the brain that are damaged along with the disease that is causing it.

There are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, more than ever before, and this number is projected to increase.

Due to the gradual nature of dementia, the mild early-stage symptoms and the low diagnosis rate, it is difficult to know the exact number of people living with the condition. Several studies have been carried out to determine the prevalence of dementia among particular age groups and these are used to estimate the total numbers of people living with dementia in the UK.

A change in routine or environment can be daunting for somebody living with dementia. This is the main reason families are turning to home care, in familiar surroundings instead of nursing homes.

Caring for people with dementia  at home

Our person centred approach  enables our carers to deliver personalised care that:

  • Ensures your loved one can remain safe in their own home
  • Builds confidence and encourages independence
  • Supports families to have much needed respite
  • Provides nutritious meals to encourage healthy eating
  • Creates social interaction and stimulation